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” SC BLACK GIRLS LIVES MATTER” Columbia, SC—Today JUSTICE FOR SPRING VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL  2: SHAKARA & NIYA  KENNY, more than 300 concerned students, parents, citizens, elected officials and human rights defenders, rallied at the South Carolina Statehouse to express solidarity with the students brutalized by in-school kop Ben Fields and to protest the racist, […]

Check coverage of Fruit of Labor Singing Ensemble at the 74th UE National Convention.  

Members of UE Local 150 participated in Fight of $15 actions in Durham, Kinston and other parts of North Carolina. Here are pictures of UE Local 150 members participating in Fight for $15 action in Durham North Carolina. Read news coverage of UE Local 150 action in Kinston, NC, where DHHS workers at Caswell Development […]

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