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Top Ten Reasons To Impeach Trump 1.  HE’S RACIST  —  Panders to KuKluxKlan, neo-Nazi & white supremacist elements; commissioned a so-called voted fraud panel to investigate non-existent voter fraud particularly aimed at Black & Latino areas; lead birther accusations & movement; Muslim ban; calls Mexican workers rapists and drug dealers; Mexican wall 2.  HE’S ANTI […]

A Draft Manifesto to Rebuild Black Liberation Movement The Black Liberation Movement has reawakened. Militant activists are fighting against police terror, for jobs and a livable wage, for housing for the homeless, against environmental racism, for quality education, for human rights for our LGBT brothers and sisters, and more. This manifesto is a contribution toward […]

Fruit of Labor World Cultural Center organized Juneteenth Celebration on June 17, 2017. Juneteenth marks the celebration of end of slavery of June 19, 1865. This celebration included food, musical performances and much more. Check out pictures from the event below.

Raleigh Organizes for May Day Rally May Day 2017 rally in Raleigh and Durham highlighted Workers Solidarity with Black, Brown, Muslims, women, LGBTQ and immigrant workers. The actions Started with a high spirited rally with over casted sky , winds and pouring rains at the Raleigh ‘s Moore Square Park. Nathanette Mayo (President of NC Public […]

May Day 2017 Statement Nathanette Mayo, President of UE Local 150, NC Public Service Workers Union Good morning. I’m Nathanette Mayo, president of the NC Public Service Workers Union, UE150. I bring you greetings and solidarity on this May Day – International Workers Solidarity Day. The first May Day celebration or rally began here in the […]