Grand Opening of Renovated Fruit of Labor

Grand Opening of Renovated Fruit of Labor World Cultural Center

On Saturday, October 1st, Fruit of Labor World Cultural Center host grand opening of repaired and renovated Fruit of Labor World Cultural Center. The center’s building was damaged in February 2016 when a tree fell on the building. The center was repaired and renovated. An opening party was organized on October 1, 2016, which invited Fruit of Labor and Black Workers for Justice friends and allies from different cities. The event featured music, speeches, food and much more. Here are pictures from the event.


fruit-of-labor-opening-10-25-2016-pic-20 fruit-of-labor-opening-10-25-2016-pic-19 fruit-of-labor-opening-10-25-2016-pic-18 fruit-of-labor-opening-10-25-2016-pic-17 fruit-of-labor-opening-10-25-2016-pic-16 fruit-of-labor-opening-10-25-2016-pic-15 fruit-of-labor-opening-10-25-2016-pic-14 fruit-of-labor-opening-10-25-2016-pic-13 fruit-of-labor-opening-10-25-2016-pic-12 fruit-of-labor-opening-10-25-2016-pic-11

fruit-of-labor-opening-10-25-2016-pic-10 fruit-of-labor-opening-10-25-2016-pic-9 fruit-of-labor-opening-10-25-2016-pic-8 fruit-of-labor-opening-10-25-2016-pic-7 fruit-of-labor-opening-10-25-2016-pic-6 fruit-of-labor-opening-10-25-2016-pic-5 fruit-of-labor-opening-10-25-2016-pic-4 fruit-of-labor-opening-10-25-2016-pic-3 fruit-of-labor-opening-10-25-2016-pic-1


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