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The Fruit of Labor Singing Ensemble, their songs and music was born out of the struggle of organizing African American workers in the “Black Belt” region of North Carolina and the South. More than twenty two workers, at various times, have participated in this dynamic cultural workers organization. Recruited from workplace and community struggles, they have captured in music oppressed peoples’ and the working class’ history of community and workplace struggles.

In song, they document the tragic Hamlet Imperial Food Company fire which killed twenty five workers in 1991, the Black community of Shiloh’s fight against toxic terrorism during the late 1980’s until 2007 along with the Workers Want Fairness/Organize the South tours from 1989 to 1991 which sought to get international unions to use resources to organize southern workers. “Organize the South” was the call for justice. The United Electrical Radio and Machine Workers, the Union of Needlepoint Industrial Textile Employees (UNITE), the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) and others responded.

Fruit of Labor Singing Ensemble have been the recipient of numerous awards, including The US Human Rights Network award in 2015.

Check Youtube videos of Fruit of Labor performances:

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