Pastors for Peace event


In February 2017, we hosted discussions at the Fruit of Labor World Cultural Center about the” Black Liberation and the Cuban Revolution” through the lens of Fidel Castro and Malcolm X. Activist writer Rosemari Mealy walked us through this rich history and her book “Fidel & Malcolm X : Memories of a Meeting”.

On Tuesday 6pm April 25th @the Fruit of Labor World Cultural Center, hosted “Pastors for Peace/Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization” and the “US-Cuba Friendshipment”. They brought a message of hope and encouragement in the critical struggle to normalize relations with Cuba and to end the blockade preventing goods and medical equipment, among other things from getting to the people who need them for the development of their society. The Caravan also talked about the program at the Latin American School of Medicine that provides cost free medical education for students of color from low income communities in the US.

A flyer with the information is attached and an inspiring video about a young Black women from the Bronx who is now a physician in her community as a result of the program offered by the Cubans.

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