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Top Ten Reasons To Impeach Trump

Top Ten Reasons To Impeach Trump

1.  HE’S RACIST  —  Panders to KuKluxKlan, neo-Nazi & white supremacist elements; commissioned a so-called voted fraud panel to investigate non-existent voter fraud particularly aimed at Black & Latino areas; lead birther accusations & movement; Muslim ban; calls Mexican workers rapists and drug dealers; Mexican wall
2.  HE’S ANTI – WORKER —  deregulation of Department of Labor protections for workers; elimination of overtime pay for certain federal employees; calls for destruction of health care;
3.  HE’S A MISOGYNIST (HATES WOMEN) —boasted about sexual assaults  (groping) on women;
4.  HE’S ANTI-UNION —  opposed the unionization of workers at his Las Vegas hotel;
5. HE’S ANTI-ENVIRONMENT — took U.S. out of Paris Climate Accords; approved Dakota and Exxon pipelines; defunding environmental and scientific departments and projects
6.  HE’S MENTALLY UNSTABLE  —  narcissist and unable to control impulses (his tweet storms) and therefore easily manipulated
7.  HE’S INCOMPETENT —  failing to fill enough job vacancies for departments to operate;
8. HE’S UNDISCIPLINED  —  unable to control his impulses in speaking or tweeting
9.  HE’S A LIAR  —  openly speaks & tweets comments that are documented to be false; claims the recruitment and creation of thousands of jobs that either do not materialize  or are exaggerated (Carrier) or would have come anyway (Ford production plant in Mexico)
10. HE’S HYPOCRITICAL, UNETHICAL, CORRUPT & GREEDY  —  refused to sever personal and family business  ties to maintain governmental impartiality (Trump Hotel in Old Post Office Building owned by U.S. government etc); attempted to undermine Russian probe investigation after firing FBI director.
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