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Fruit of Labor World Cultural Center Mission Statement

To provide our community members - youth, women, students, workers, immigrants, elders - an enlightening, comfortable & fun cultural and social justice educational experience using music, art, food, exercise, film, dance and empowering culture and fellowship. To provide the best empowering cultural & educational experience that can help engage and empower our community and each community person. To raise social and political consciousness as we educate each other in a fun environment. To treat you as a guest in our "community living room". To create a comfortable home for engaging our community members in social justice efforts as to create trans-formative power for the betterment of our community.


Fruit of labor singing ensemble

Hip hop for justice

world cultural center



New Album!

"State of Emergency"

Thanks to all our many fans, supporters, fellow freedom fighters and activists involved in the many righteous progressive workers’ rights, civil rights, environmental rights and human rights struggles who inspire us and our music! We invite you to listen to “State of Emergency”. We hope you enjoy it and it makes you get up and move and get activated!