Hip Hop 4 Justice

Hip Hop for Justice (HH4J) was organized after a Raleigh PEOPLES ASSEMBLY in 2007 by Black Workers For Justice Youth Activists.

 Our cultural arts events include:

  • Poetry & Spoken Word

  • Music Performances

  • Book, Film and Video discussions

  • Youth Speak-Outs

  • Art Shows

  • Hip Hop Dance and Parties

HH4J has developed into a broader network that consists of youth hip hop artists, musicians, R&B singers, poets and spoken word artists, dancers and youth activists from working class families. Adult allies and supporters also assist in sponsoring HH4J events.

The primary aim of HH4J is to provide creative musical, cultural, spiritual, social and political space for a conscious youth culture containing a social justice message. If we as youth want a better and just community, workplace, school, society and world; our music, culture, art and lives have to be better. They cannot be based on the present ” money & profit centered” greedy system. WE MUST BE THE CHANGE! We must develop exciting events that empower us youth with uplifting, enlightening music, culture and information. EMPOWERING messages THAT STRENGTHEN ALL OF US. Messages that nurture creativity, working class advocacy, youth activism, and which can mobilize youth on important issues. Messages that give us the “collective power” to shape our future and a better world!