July 2014 Newsletter

The Fruit of Labor Singing Ensemble, their songs and music was born out of the struggle of organizing African American workers in the “Black Belt” region of North Carolina and the South.  More than twenty two workers, at various times, have participated in this dynamic cultural workers organization.  Recruited from workplace and community struggles, they have captured in music oppressed peoples’ and the working class’ history of community and workplace struggles. 


The purpose of the "FRUIT OF LABOR WORLD CULTURAL CENTER" , its programs, events and its  "New" newsletter, which is produced and edited by Hip Hop 4 Justice youth , is to educate,inspire,engage folks in the lively culture and many efforts for social justice.


Check out our exciting calendar of events and uplifting programs at the bottom and join us at the " Fruit of Labor World Cultural Center" at  4200 Lake Ridge Drive ( off Capital Blvd /Deana Lane near New Hope Church Road behind the Blue Tire  store & Shell gas station). in Raleigh.                 

Student Debt

Today's financial crisis  and student debt of today's young workers is rooted in the so-called "GREAT RECESSION of 2007"!   It has left our younger generation of workers ,despite their post high school education in colleges, tech schools, etc., for the most part ... unemployed, under-employed, underpaid, unfulfilled in low paying service  jobs. Take a look at the Wall Street Journal Newspaper and you will see how the  changing U.S. global capitalist system  seeks greater profits for the ruling wealthly 1 % ,  while pushing everyday working peoples' quality of life down, dumping the disabled in the streets without public services and medicare/medicaid and stripping future security down for the aging working people. The wealthy ruling 1 % are  continuing an all out assault the working class and especially our youth by attacking their basic democratic and human rights..

Last year, workiing class organizations like consumer groups, unions, youth organizations pushed Congress to lower interest rates from 8 -10 %   down to 3.8% for new student loans. We know that the U.S. Banks andprofit making  financial institutions need to continue to be challenged because this  didn't help young working  people still stuck with "older student loans"  at 6, 8, even 10% interest rates or higher. Students and young workers must continue to take action to pass the "Bank on Students EmergencyLoan Refinancing Act" People should be able to refinance their studentloans to today's lower rates. 

Student loan debt is crushing young people. Total debt is now $1.2 trillion, more than all outstanding credit card debt in America. The overwhelming burden of student debt keeps young people from buying homes, buying cars, starting small businesses, saving for retirement, and making purchases that strengthen our economy

Last year, working people organizations, worker unions and folks like us at the FOLWCC came together taking action to push for lower interest rates on new undergraduate loans to 3.8%. But nothing was done for the millions of people who have older student loans at 6%, 8%, 10%, and even higher interest rates. They were just stuck paying—and paying and paying.

Tell the Senate to allow people to refinance their student loans!

Working class organizations, consumer organizations and workers 'unions are continuing to organize....pushing a  bill, the" Bank on Students Emergency LoanRefinancing Act" that lets people refinance older student loans down to those lower interest rates that new students receive.

It would put hundreds, even thousands, of dollars back into young workers '  pockets who are struggling with their student loan debt.

The Senate could vote on this soon. The sooner we pass this bill, the sooner people will get a little bit of money and relief. Please, add your name today.

Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.


Fruit of Labor World Culutural Center Volunteer Team

This petition was started  on MoveOn Petitions Political Action Edition, which is licensed to and paid for by MoveOn.org Political Action..

Spotlight on College LIfe (Part 1)  

Deciding what to do after high school may be more complex in these economic times than it was for previous generations.  We, young adults, must decide if we should try to go straight into the workforce, attend a trade school, a two year community college or a four year university? Although Sections 9 of our North Carolina state constitution states: “The General Assembly shall provide that the benefits of the University of North Carolina and other institutions of higher education, as far as practicable, be extended to the people of the State free of expense.”, we know that in 2014 it definitely is not free and the costs continue to rise each year.  You’ve probably wondered what college is like…is it reallylike "Animal House"? Will it be like high school? Will I be able to handle the pressure or the work load? Will it be a new and exciting experience? Or will I crumble into a ball of nerves—a bit dramatic, but it happens. Well hopefully I can shed some light and help you prepare for the journey you are about to embark on!

  In order to educate you all, I am going to be a bit vulnerable and reveal some of the mistakes I made—that way, well hopefully, you won’t make them too.


Mistake #1: During my first two years of college I changed my major 7 times—seriously! I wanted to do so many things, but I had no clue as to where to even start.


You don’t want to waste 2 years trying to figure out what you want to do, so take some time to do test assessments to figure out your strengths and weaknesses or have a discussion with your family and friends to help you figure what path you want to take.


The chances of being able to provide decent quality of life, for yourself and your future or current family, is now, more than ever, based on being able to obtain a higher education.  Jobs which paid higher union wages and did not require college degrees are drying up as companies continue to move their operations off shore to lower wage labor markets and ramp up use of robotic machines to perform jobs workers were paid to do in the past.  Today workers with college degrees are expected to make 2x the wages of the average worker over their lifetime.  In the current economy, though, even that is not guaranteed. According to Forbes.com, NACE also released a more general table showing average salaries by discipline, and how those salaries have fared in the last year. Not surprisingly, given the high engineering salaries in the table below, engineering graduates are the best earners, at $62,100. That’s up 2.3% from the previous year. Business majors saw the greatest increase, 7.9%, to an average of $55,600.

Often times in the Black community we push our young boys and girls to pursue careers in the athletics department, when in reality we should not only encourage that side but instill the importance of pursuing careers in politics, medicine, healthcare, and etc…Our community and its needs will continue to go under developed if we don’t take action and move into these global changing roles.


 My question to you is how will you change the world? Will you continue to follow the crowd? Or will you think on higher-level and pursue greatness in order to better the lives of others and the ones around you? State lawmakers aren’t going to change on their own…things change by pressure being added…will you pressure the lawmakers in order for YOU to have a better future?




It’s time to get to work people!

Written by: Latisha Scarborough, BS,MIS & Nathanette Mayo  

Healthy Corner

 We have heard it before how important water is essential to your health. Especially during this hot season, we want to stay hydrated. Here are a few more reasons to keep your water bottle full:   1. Flush Toxins and Wastes - Water and fiber are the magical combination to flush out waste.   2. Boost Your Energy in the Morning and All Day Long    3. Improves Workout Performance - Even when you’re only slightly dehydrated performance is impaired. Water carries oxygen throughout the body and to the working muscles. Water also: -lubricates the joints -moistens the lungs to facilitate breathing -helps maintain proper muscle tone   4. Get Glowing Skin - When you’re dehydrated, your skin looks dry. Consuming enough water will help fill the spaces between your cells, making skin glow.   5. Lose Weight - Water is a great natural appetite suppressant. The real weight-loss jump is when you replace caloric beverages with water. Written by: Donnae' Ward BS, AFAA, ACE-PT, WMS, YogaFit and Zumba Fitness Adapted from ACEFitness.com


You’re Invited  to a . .

 "Financial Health Workshop" @6pm Sharp!!!


Our Post Workshop ...

Evening Wine &
Cheese Social
Friday, June 27th, 2014 @7 pm – 8:30pm at the

Fruit of Labor World Cultural Center 4200 Lake Ridge Dr. Raleigh, NC

Participate in a
Wine & Cheese Tasting,Exciting Discussion and Networking Gathering

****** donations accepted !******

Come out and Enjoy Great Jazz/R&B , Food, and Exciting People!
(interested musicians/singers are invited to “sit in”. So, come & bring your instrument!)
Sponsored by:

The Fruit of Labor Singing Ensemble and the

Freedom and Justice Cultural Commission
Call our host Eric Banks  and  Nathanette at  919-876-7187 for more information.

We’re Doing It Again & You’re Invited To "HOTTER THAN JULY'' Party !


Get On Board"Our FOLWCC Soul Train"! Come out to our. . .

Old School Party


Fruit of Labor World Cultural Center/FOLWCC

4200 Lake Ridge Dr.

 Raleigh, NC


FRIDAY, JULY 18, 2014


7:00pm – 12:00am


There will be lots of music & dancing, good food & red Kool-Aid, Soul Train Trivia & Scramble Board, Best dressed 70’s & 80’s contest & an Old School Dance Contest with wonderful prizes!


"Special Tribute to Curtis Mayfield & all those wonderful artists whose music reflected the pride, empowerment and liberating spirit of these times!"


Come out and enjoy an evening of great food, music , people & great fun!! GO to

www.fruitoflabor.org     click on photos....click on "old school party" for last blast

of our last party !


Donation: 3 for $25 tickets in advance /$10.00 per person at door


A "more substantial menu meal" provided by our Chefs ! Meals will be available for a reasonable price  cost.


Call: 919-876-7187 for more information or email:fruitoflaborwcc@netscape.com


July 2014 Calender Events:


  • JUNE 29th Sunday,2pm SPECIAL FOL World Cultural Cinema film party; view/discuss "Koch Brothers Exposed"...Billionaires buying elections to continue right-wing policies and attacks on our voting/ civil/workers Rights! Come out for film, food, discussion, action and fun...FREE although donations to FOLWCC are always welcome. See you @ FOLWCC!
  • 18th Friday, 7 pm-11pm "HOTTER THAN JULY" OLD SCHOOL PARTY.....live music, dancing, food, trivia contest with prizes, vintage" Soul Train" films....best dress 70's-80's look contest & more.....$10 at door...dinner for reasonable cost donations are welcome. See you at the FOLWCC's party!
  • 19th-20th Sat-Sun, 9am-5pm-- FOL @ NC Public Service Workers Union-UE Local 150 State Convention at NC Central Univ. in Durham. Call Nathanette for more information at 919-876-7187
  • 19th-20th,Friday,Saturday,Sunday 9am-5pm-- FOL/Hip Hop 4 Justice youth perform/participate at "VETERANS FOR PEACE" NATIONAL CONVENTION@ UNC-Asheville campus. Many of our youth,workers and older community members who have served in the military have major challenges with undelivered veteran benefits and ongoing budget cuts to these benefits and medical services.  Call us at 919-876-7187 if you want to attend.
  • AUGUST 2nd, 10AM-3PM BLACKWORKERS FOR JUSTICE MEMBERSHIP ASSEMBLY in Raleigh. Place to be announced!