Draft Manifesto to Rebuild Black Liberation Movement

The Black Liberation Movement has reawakened. Militant activists are fighting against police terror, for jobs and a livable wage, for housing for the homeless, against environmental racism, for quality education, for human rights for our LGBT brothers and sisters, and more. This manifesto is a contribution toward uniting our diverse forces into one mighty movement for Black liberation and the transformation of the entire society. This manifesto is for workers in trade union locals and worker centers, students on campus and in high school, brothers and sisters locked up in the prison camps, activists on all battlefronts in every community. Capitalism stinks and is not the system that we need to lead decent and meaningful lives.

Please send suggestions for this document. Rewrite it. Create your own. The point is to have a revolutionary festival of ideas to advance our consciousness and take our struggle to a much higher level. When we can meet in a national assembly for Black Liberation, every document can be part of creating one declaration for us all.

This manifesto is the work of veterans of five decades of struggle and young activists in the current struggles. First came a 2014 version. The Black Left Unity Network revised it in 2015. Now in 2016 a national Black Left Study Group, brothers and sisters in 10 cities, studied both versions for ten months and offers this revision.

Click below to read draft manifesto