January 2015 Newsletter

The RISING TIDE OF RESISTANCE today fighting police repression is important in developing a deeper understanding of how Black working class cultural artists and workers must enter, build on and deepen the peoples’ political understanding of our needed unity of thinking and action, slogans and demands of the spontaneous movement. Slogans can too often be pitted against each other, not showing the relevance of them all and providing a synthesis that helps to move them to a new level from being mainly tactical and defensive to transformative and empowering!
All of the slogans, including “Black Lives Matters”, are helping to foster and promote the mass resistance that is breaking out all over. How do our slogans engage our youth and other critical social forces (like labor unions, youth organizations, faith communities, women groups, etc.) to deepen the impacts of the present mass resistance in building a powerful peoples movement!
Let's use culture as a means to wake up and educate and agitate our people about the role of the present corporate governmental state of the wealthy 1% and how it is oppressing us by cutting our wages, social programs, public schools, colleges, taking away our voting, labor and  human rights as workers.
The Deadline for Contest Submissions is FEBRUARY 1, 2015.
Send your contest submission to:
The Fruit of Labor World Cultural Center; 4200
Lake Ridge Drive; Raleigh, NC 27604.
The winner will receive free ticket admissions for all of 2015 to all FOLWCC events and a chance to tour with the nationally reknown FRUIT OF LABOR SINGING ENSEMBLE in 2015.
Call 919-876-7187  or e-mail us at: fruitoflaborwcc@netscape.com
It's important to study the present and past history of our peoples
struggle for human rights, democracy, freedom and liberation. In the
midst of the present growing resistance and struggle against police misconduct and state repression . We must learn from our peoples’ struggles, the connection between the spontaneous response/actions and the politically conscious actions, slogans and movement.
 If just looked at as text, "Hands up don’t shoot" could be interpreted as surrender. But, as it was taken up by "a militant in your face peoples’ movement, the meaning was reversed, as it was not said in retreat but in marching forward.
A next step was the turning of hands into fists.
The Black Left Unity Network (BLUN) proposed to take our hands down,
hold each others and books, as we plot, plan and scheme up on "a strategic vision" to link up and wage the war. We must fight against this racist repression not only from a defensive posture but on the offense.
In the future when we raise our hands they will not be empty. We will have the tools of struggle that will unite us - a Black Manifesto, principles of unity, a program, and a national coordinating body to set an agenda for mass struggle.
Everyone who can, should write or create a song or some artistic piece!  Submit it into this contest so that we can help get it into every possible cultural outlet, political and social venue in every community to spread our views. Black lives matter and so does our thinking and creativity as a tool for empowerment.
While discussing a proposal to require supply-chain monitoring for slavery risks this week, a British House of Commons member described human rights abuses he and a colleague witnessed on a recent fact-finding visit to North Carolina's tobacco fields. 
Farm Labor
Demographics in the South are rapidly changing.Demographics in the South are changing more quickly than in any other place in the country. In addition to an influx of African Americans, Southern states also have among the fastest-growing Latino and Asian communities. The South ranks at the top for both migration from other states and immigration from abroad. The number of counties in the South that are majority people of color is projected to double within a generation. Many of these emerging communities are still small with a sizable number of residents who are young, undocumented or otherwise not eligible to vote yet. But in many states, the numbers are reaching critical mass: A recent report by the Center for American Progress estimated that there are currently more than 7.3 million eligible but unregistered African-American, Asian and Latino voters in 11 Southern states [pdf]. This Emerging Electorate could be the foundation for growing progressive politics in the South -- but only if progressives have a presence in the region to organize them.
Southern Democgraohic  2
Southern Demographic 1
Thank you for your support and your belief in our cultural and social justice work. From all of us .... best wishes for a joyous holiday season and 2015 New Year !
Did U.S. Government 's CIA torture violate Nuremberg ban on human experimentation? On the  16th of  Dec 2014 CIA health professionals may have committed war crimes by collecting and analyzing data on brutally interrogated detainees in potential violation of U.S. and international bans on research on human subjects without their consent, a human rights organization said Tuesday last month. Physicians for Human Rights called on President Barack Obama and Congress to establish a commission of inquiry to examine the participation of CIA and private medical personnel in the interrogation program, including possible breaches of domestic and international laws. "The CIA relied upon health professionals at every step to commit and conceal the brutal and systematic torture of national security detainees," the organization said in an analysis of a four-year study of the agency's interrogation program released last week by the Senate Intelligence Committee.CIA medical professionals were also accused of committing war crimes In Dec 2014 Federal investigators in the United States should be considering weighing whether or not U.S. government health workers involved in the unlawful interrogation tactics highlighted in the recent CIA torture port should be charged with international war crimes, a group said this past December. Physicians for Human Rights, a New York-headquartered organization that examines instances of atrocities and severe international human rights violations within the medical field, released a report on Tuesday urgingfederal authorities in the US to open a probe concerning revelations contained in the so-called "torture report" released last week by the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence after a nearly four-year-long investigation.
U.S., Cuba restore ties after 50 years  On December 18 2014, the United States and Cuba agreed on Wednesday to restore diplomatic ties that Washington severed more than 50 years ago, and President Barack Obama called for an end to the long economic embargo against this socialist society and U.S. old Cold War enemy. After 18 months of secret talks, Pres. Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro agreed in a phone call in December on a breakthrough political prisoner exchange, the opening of embassies in each other's countries, and an easing of some restrictions on commerce. The two leaders made the announcement in simultaneous televised speeches. The Vatican and Canada facilitated the deal.US and Cuba's agreement to normalise diplomatic relations and end decades of hostility reflected the Cuban government's and peoples resolve to stay their course of socialist construction. Many countries, especially African Nations, have always maintained diplomatic , economic and travel relations.After 18 months of secret talks on prisoner releases brokered by the Vatican,the surprise final breakthrough came after a 45-minute phone call between Presidents Barack Obama and Raúl Castro in December. Both governments  finalized the release of Alan Gross, a US government aid contractor [spy for USAID] held for five years in Cuba, which accused him of being a spy. But as he was dramatically flown back to the US on Wednesday accompanied by three congressmen, it became clear that a far larger deal had been agreed between the two countries, not just to release other Cuban political  prisoners held in the U.S., but to restore ties between the countries that have been frozen since 1967.
European Parliament votes to recognize Palestine statehood 'in principle' 17 Dec 2014 The European Parliament has adopted a resolution recognizing Palestinian statehood in principle. A total of 498 MEPs voted in favor, while 88 were against. A parliamentary session in Strasbourg on Tuesday could not decide on the matter, opting for further negotiations, but on Wednesday the European Parliament eventually adopted a resolution that "in principle" grants the troubled region statehood. The vote also saw 111 abstentions.

Texas police officer used stun gun on 76-year-old during routine traffic stop --The car was a dealer vehicle, and so Vasquez was exempt from being cited. If he had been cited, an expired inspection certificate is a class C misdemeanour. 15 Dec 2014 A Texas police officer is under investigation for using a stun gun on a 76-year-old mechanic he had pulled over for an expired inspection certificate. In dashboard-cam footage uploaded by local newspaper the Victoria Advocate, officer Nathaniel Robinson, who is 23, can be seen slamming Pete Vasquez on to the hood of the police car. He then puts him in a restrictive hold, before the two abruptly fall out of the camera's field of vision...Police later confirmed the stun gun had been used twice on Vasquez.


Abdul Alkalimat <mcworter@illinois.eduhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danny_Gloverhttps://www.linkedin.com/groups/Actor-activist-Danny-Glover-delivers-4410229.S.5890883136622964737





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Southern Human Rights Organizers Conference (SHROC)  2014 FRUIT OF LABOR PERFORMS - “AIN’T NO TURNING BACK”-

2015 Calender of Events 

January 2015

-        10th,Saturday; Hip Hop 4 Justice (HH4J) M.L.K. planning meeting– 11:00am -       19th ,Sunday; World Cultural Cinema – Commemorating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. & the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement of 60’s & Social Justice & Workers Movements of today.4:00 - 6:00pm. $5 suggested donation. Trivia Contest & Refreshments. -       24th, Saturday; HH4J Honoring the Legacy of M. L. King; Unity in the Community Social Mixer 6:00pm – 10:00pm featuring Reggae & R&B band – Lost-N-Sound; $5 suggested donation. -       25th , Sunday; BWFJ Wake/Durham Chapter Meeting – 3:00pm

February 2015 -        1st, Sunday; Super Bowl XLIX (49) Viewing Party; Watch the game on the big screen; food & fun; trivia contest & prizes! – 5:00pm;$7 suggested donation -        14th, Saturday;  Moral March/HKonJ9 – Historic Thousands on Jones St. – Mobilizing to End Poverty & for Economic Justice; assemble at 9:00ammarch begins at Shaw University at the intersection of Wilmington & South St. in Raleigh, NC; 10:00am; call 919-682-4700 ext .130 or check www.hkonj.com or www.naacpnc.org for more information. For action alerts text “NAACP” to 46988 -        13th, Friday; 7-10pm; HH4J presents - Black Life Matters – Black Love with Justice Celebration & Social Mixer. -        14th; private party @ FOLWCC -        21st, Saturday; World Cultural Cinema; Celebrating Black History Month & Malcolm X’s Birthday (Feb. 19th); Watch 2 thought provoking films & participate in our lively discussion/critique/analysis; 3pm – 7pm; $5 suggested donation. Trivia Contest & Refreshments. -        22nd , Sunday; BWFJ Wake/Durham Chapter Meeting – 3:00pm

March 2015 -        8th, Sunday; World Cultural Cinema; Celebrating International Working Women’s Month; Watch 2 thought provoking films & participate in our lively discussion/critique/analysis; 3pm – 7pm; $5 suggested donation. Trivia Contest & Refreshments. -        14th, Saturday; HH4J planning meeting– 11:00am -        28th, Saturday; HH4J Event 6:00pm – 10:00pm featuring music, spoken word, video shorts, discussion, food, trivia prizes & fun; $5 suggested donation. -        29th, Sunday; BWFJ Wake/Durham Chapter Meeting – 3:00pm

April 2015 -        4th, Saturday; 10:30am- 12:30pm; Get Moving & Celebrate National Minority Health Month; Zumba & Hip Hop Abs class. Health info & healthy snacks available. -        11th, Saturday; Black Workers for Justice 32nd  Birthday Celebration & its’ Annual M.L. King, Jr. Support for Labor Banquet; NCAE Bldg. 700 S. Salisbury St.,;Raleigh, NC; 5pm sharp; tickets $35; contact FOLWCC for more & updated information. -        19th, Sunday; World Cultural Cinema; Celebrating Earth Day; Watch a thought provoking films & participate in our lively discussion/critique/analysis; 3pm – 6pm; $5 suggested donation. Trivia Contest & Refreshments. -        25th, Saturday; Hip Hop 4 Justice (HH4J) planning meeting & Trumpet of Conscience book discussion.  (The Trumpet of Conscience features five lectures that Martin Luther King, Jr., delivered in November and December 1967.) -        26th, Sunday; BWFJ Wake/Durham Chapter Meeting – 3:00pm

May 2015 -        1st, Friday; International Workers Day Celebration, Fish Bowl dialogue: The State of Workers Today – Are we “Keeping it in the Road” or have we Stalled, Wrecked or Need an Alignment? Potluck dinner. 6:00pm – 7:30pm. -        9th, Saturday; 9:30am – 10:45; Celebrate Women’s Health Month; exercise class (Brazilian Dance); health info. & healthy snacks! -        9th, Saturday; Hip Hop 4 Justice (HH4J) M.L.K. planning meeting– 11:00am -        10th, Sunday; Annual Dinner at the FOLWCC Celebrating Women & Mothers as Peace Keepers; 3:00pm – 5:30pm; $15; Come out with your family as we recognize & celebrate the strong women building & making a difference our families and communities. -        23rd, Saturday; HH4J Event 6:00pm – 10:00pm featuring music, spoken word, video shorts, discussion, food, trivia prizes & fun; $5 suggested donation. -        24th, Sunday; BWFJ Wake/Durham Chapter Meeting – 3:00pm

June 2015 -        6th, Saturday; Hip Hop 4 Justice (HH4J) M.L.K. planning meeting– 11:00am -        6th, Saturday: 9:30am – 10:45; Celebrate Men’s Health Month; Get moving with a T-25 & Boot Camp workout! Health info & healthy snacks! -        14th, Sunday; Annual Juneteenth Celebration & 7th Annual Spoons of Justice Cook-Off; 3:30pm – 6:00pm; Calling all “Sisters who can Stir” & “Brothers who can Burn” to see who can claim this year’s coveted Cook-Off Champion Trophy! Enter your best dish and the people will judge who wins! If it is advisable that you not share your culinary skills with the general public; come out, taste dishes that are entered, be a judge & help pick this year’s winner! It’ll only cost you $10. 4-4-$30.  E-mail us at the address above for a registration form & more information. -        26th -28th, Friday-Sunday; Great Labor Arts Exchange; Silver Springs, MD; Fruit of Labor Singing Ensemble performs and receives the Joe Hill Artist’s Award.

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