33rd Annual MLK Support for Labor Banquet by BWFJ

Black Workers for Justice Organized 33rd Annual MLK Support for Labor Banquet


Black Workers for Justice organized 33rd Annual MLK Support for Labor Banquet on April 2, 2016, in Raleigh, North Carolina. This is the annual fundraising banquet by Black Workers for Justice who are leading the fight in Black Liberation movement, workers movement and other fronts. This year's banquet featured a keynote speech by Black youth leader Bree Newsome who removed Confederate flag from South Carolina capitol building. The banquet included social justice cultural performances by Fruit of Labor Singing Ensemble. Social justice organizations were recognized for their work in the progressive movement. This included Muslims for Social Justice who received The Self-Determination Award during the banquet. Fallen heroes were honored for their contributions and acknowledged through "presente".

About Black Workers for Justice:

The BWFJ is an organization of Black workers formed in 1981 out of a struggle led by Black women workers at a K-mart store in Rocky Mount, North Carolina against race and gender discrimination. After organizing a boycott of the local K-mart store and reaching out to workers at other workplaces and communities, Black workers and community activists from 10 counties met at the First Missionary Baptist Church in Fremont, NC in June 1982 to form BWFJ as a statewide organization.

BWFJ believes that African American workers need self organization to help empower ourselves at the workplace, in communities and throughout the whole of US society to organize, educate, mobilize and struggle for power, justice, self-determination and human rights for African Americans, other oppressed nationalities, women and all working class people whether employed or unemployed, union workers or unorganized. We work to build the strength and leadership of Black workers in the Black Freedom and labor movements.

Learn more here: http://blackworkersforjustice.com/

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