November 2015 Newsletter

Columbia, SC---Today JUSTICE FOR SPRING VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL  2: SHAKARA & NIYA  KENNY, more than 300 concerned students, parents, citizens, elected officials and human rights defenders, rallied at the South Carolina Statehouse to express solidarity with the students brutalized by in-school kop Ben Fields and to protest the racist, sexist violence the assault on Shakara and arrest of Niya Kenny represents. 
The Statehouse rally was followed by a caravan and demonstration at the Richland County Sheriff’s Department. Niya Kenny, accompanied by her mother, attended, received warm enthusiastic reception  and heard the list of coalition demands, including, dismissal of all charges. They looked on as Efia Nwangaza , rally co-organizer, taped the demands to Sheriff Leon Lott’s door. 
"The racism and male domination shown in the disturbing footage of Sakara, a Black girl, pulled out of her chair and dragged across the floor and the arrest of her classmate, Niya Kenney, has been followed by an epidemic of Stockholm Syndrome, identifying with the perpetrator and blaming the victims," said Ms. Nwangaza.  "It helps explain why South Carolina is Number 1 in Domestic Violence, Murder of Women, breeds race hate murderers such as Dylan Roof responsible for the Emanuel Nine killings, and a 40% suspension and expulsion rate at Spring Valley High School," she added.
We demand dismissal of all charges against Shakara and Niya Kenney
We demand prosecution of Ben Fields
We demand firing of involved teacher, disciplinary administrator, and principal
We demand Councilors and end to kops in the schools.
We demand repeal of Zero tolerance Laws, Rules and Regulations
We demand restorative justice and dispute resolution training for students and staff.
We plan the National Student Walk Out for this coming Monday, November 2, 2015
We discuss next steps for People's Movement Assembly (PMA) with local residents.
We express support for the SC SRO Violence Survivors and speak out against the myth that the black girl child is to be resilent and to never break despite the statistics that prove we are being pushed out, overpoliced, underprotected and the fastest growing segment of the USA prison population.
Sponsored by: Columbia/Charleston Black Lives Matter, Harriet Tubman Freedom House, New Jim Crow Movement, Malcolm X Center for Self- Determination, Black Councilors for Justice, Ubuntu Institute for Community Development, Black Educators for Justice, Black Lawyers for Justice, SC RBG, and R.E.S.I.S.T.

" Remember Nov.3rd, 1979 Greensboro, NC Klan Massacre" Tuesday, November 3rd, 1979, marks 36 years since the Greensboro ,NC Klu Klux Klan white terriorist Massacre in the Morning Side Heights African-American Community . Please remember with us. Remember Jim, Bill, Sandy, Cesar and Mike, five beautiful, young organizers whom lives  were taken that day, and the nine who suffered serious and critical injuries.

I implore you read, google  and remember that all of those struck down and their friends were assaulted because they were relentless and uncompromising in the pursuit of justice. And so they constituted a threat not only to Klansmen and Nazis who carried out their execution, but even more so to those unscrupulous and criminal government powers-that-be who arranged, covered up and lied about their roles as perpetrators of a white supremacist death squad. 

Let's reflect on today's government and police repression ....the Charleston , SC white supremacist massacre , 17 recent southern church burnings and the WAR ON BLACK AMERICA today. Many of those who led the struggle decades ago remain very active. They must join with the new wave of freedom fighters and young activists leading in social justice work today! We have little time and space here to plan or elaborate on how we can all engage together . However, our peoples' struggle goes on and our  unity and dedication  must grow stronger than ever.

Please join us in a simple act of remembrance by participating and learning more at the Fruit of Labor World Cultural Center at 4200 lake Ridge Drive in Raleigh. Join us at 6:00 pm on Friday November 6th, 2016.  Our unity and courage today , experiences from the past, and shared hope for the future is needed.

Our History and Current Struggles for Justice Must Flow Down Like Water !


"U.S is 4% of world population with 25% of world inmates" How our underfunded courts are bringing back debtor’s prison (and what to do about it)

The United States of America is home to 4% of the world’s population. It meanwhile is home to 25% of world’s jailed population.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the show reported on a grandma who the state of Alabama jailed for her failure to pay a traffic ticket she simply did not have the means to pay. Police executed the warrant for her arrest while she posed to society the immense threat from the confines of her home. She was in jail for 10 days following the arrest until the Southern Poverty Law Center came to her rescue. Her name is Harriet Cleveland and she helped end what the SPLC called a modern-day debtor’s prison. [Continue reading...]

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Ella Baker & Black Leadership Today

Ella Taught Me: Shattering the Myth of the Leaderless Movement

by Barbara Ransby

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