UE 150 Resolution Against Religious Discrimination

UE 150 Resolution Against Religious Discrimination at Workplace

The following is a resolution in support of Muslims for Social Justice passed at UE150 Municipal Summit on April 1, 2017

UE150 is resolved that whenever any of our Muslim sisters and brothers or any people of faith are practicing their faith in their workplace or community; we will rally our members to support their fight for their right to practice their faith freely, within a safe environment in their workplace and community, and without discrimination.

This UE150 Municipal Council resolution passed at the April 1st Municipal Summit will be presented to the full statewide union at our upcoming April 15th Executive Board meeting for approval and passage by the statewide UE150 local.

Read more about this resolution at NC Public Workers Union - UE Local 150 website. http://ue150.org/resolutions/ue150-stands-islamophobia/