Victory at Standing Rock is Under Threat

Dear workers and friends for justice, The Fruit of Labor Singing Ensemble, the NC Public Service Workers-UE Local 150, the Triangle Area, NC - Freedom Manifesto /Black Liberation Unity Committee, Black Workers For Justice and many of our allies/friends stand in solidarity with our Native Peoples' Brother and Sisters !

Less than two weeks ago we won a historic victory for tribal sovereignty. Our Sisters and Brothers of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, the Oceti Sakowin elders and headsmen, the International Indigenous Youth Council, and other water protectors defeated the corporate financed and supported Dakota Access Pipeline.

Some mislead workers are being "bamboozled " by the company behind the pipeline -- Energy Transfer Partners -- and President-elect Donald Trump have pledged to start the project up again if they can, stating this is about more jobs. They are not addressing the fact that this is the burial ground of indigenous native people and their treaty sovereign land ! We as workers, Blacks and oppressed people of color must again stop them and the "Big Corporate Banks" and Trump that are pushing this big profit making pipeline.

The pipeline can’t continue without the financial support of a number of big banks like Wells Fargo, Sun Trust and City Group. We -- as customers and account holders -- can pressure the banks financing the project to take a stand.

Sign the petition to all 17 banks financing the Dakota Access Pipeline: Stop supporting DAPL.

The pipeline threatens the water for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and millions of people downstream on the Missouri river. It’s also a violation of Native sovereignty. Already irreplaceable sacred burial sites have been destroyed.

The peaceful resistance of water protectors captured the imagination of the world. The prayer camp at Standing Rock became the front line of the fight to protect Mother Earth. Attack dogs and water cannons could not defeat us.

Join today in demanding that the big banks end their loans for the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Help ensure that our victory at Standing Rock holds. Let’s end the Dakota Access Pipeline for good.

Petition initiated by Judith Le Blanc (Caddo), Native Organizers Alliance LeeAnn Hall, People’s Action Institute

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