August 2015 Newsletter: Charleston Massacre

It was my “South Carolina Weekend”, is what I called it. Everything fell into place and beautifully planned. This wasn’t a vacation, by the way. To call it a vacation would water down that extraordinary weekend experience I had. The other extraordinary part about it was that no matter who I invited, it never worked out. I was destined to go alone……and it felt great – that exact same great feeling when you receive that certain blessing from God you really wanted. There’s no doubt in my mind that it was God all along that strategically planned that weekend for me.I had fear - funky, mixed feelings messing with me but hey, I was still fired up to go. Nothing could put out the flame inside me that kept my adrenalin pumping for my “South Carolina Weekend”. Then, there was a part of me that was at peace but in a very eerie way. I had thoughts about how this could be my final days. Was I going there to die? Maybe that’s why God planned this so amazingly for me. Maybe that’s why I was going alone. I mean, look at it, I was travelling to a very racist state. A group of them could have come back to retaliate while I was standing there looking down at the burial place of “the hate” that once stood at the State Capitol AND not to mention, another evil person could have come to” finish us off” at The AME Church in Charleston where I attended service that Sunday. I mean, yeah, it was wild thinking, but nonetheless, I didn’t care about any of that. I made it! First Stop: Columbia, South Carolina – Friday, July 10 – The Death of the Confederate Flag At The SC State Capitol – (Just Hours After Its Removal) – Wow, that dirt sure is symbolic! Charleston-1 By the Time We Finished Our Deep, Political Discussion (Among Other Topics), We Could Barely See Each Other’s Faces Outside and It Was Time For The Moon To Appear In The Sky – I Thoroughly Enjoyed All The Time I Spent Meeting and Talking With These Guys (my new South Carolina peeps (young supporters/anti-confederate)!!


MSNBC Was On It!!.....Had A Great Time Chatting With The Crew!


From the Top of the State Capitol, It Once Waved, Then Taken To The Front Grounds…..Now Completely Removed Off The Premises!!……..Thank You, Governor Haley!


Second Stop: Sunday, July 12 at The Emanuel AME Church, Charleston, SC (the unfortunate church shooting location) - Attended Sunday Service (“Mother Emanuel”)


(Right After Church Service) – The People Were So Sweet and Welcoming. Yes, It Was Packed!


In The Very Front of AME (all I could do is just stare at the love from so many people far and near


Loving and Missing you……..May You Be At Eternal Rest And God Bless Your Souls