Charleston Days of Grace

One Month Til We March!

Join us in Charleston, SC - September 5 & 6
The response to the call for Charleston's Days of Grace issued by the International Longeshoremen's Association Local 1422 has been tremendous. Across South Carolina, the South, and the rest of the country, many organizations and indivduals are making plans to come to Charleston, SC on September 5 & 6 for the mass march and strategy conference.

Will you be there?

There are many ways to help build the Days of Grace:

Endorse: Add your organization's name to the growing list supporting the call to action
Distribute fliers: Download the flier online and pass it out in your workplace, school, or community
Become an organizing center: Sign up to help coordinate transportation from your city to Charleston for the Days of Grace
Help with outreach in Charleston: Do you live in Charleston and want to help with outreach? Email us
Share this message with others: Send this message to listservs that you are a part of
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Leonard Riley, International Longshoremen's Association Local 1422

Chris Nelson, Healthcare Workers United

Muhiyidin D'baha, Charleston Black Lives Matter

Erica Cokley, Charleston Raise Up for $15

Kerry Taylor, member of Carolina Alliance for Fair Employment

Charleston Days of Grace