March 2015 Newsletter

March 2015 Fruit of Labor World Cultural Center Newsletter

produced by: Black Workers For Justice's Hip Hop 4 Justice edited by: Mari Caldwell-Robinson & Tiffany Debnam Contact Information: Address: 4200 Lake Ridge Rd, Raleigh NC 27604 (919) 231-2660 – Anytime (919) 876-7187 – Day email: website: 


NEW  “Grand Alliance” Mobilizes to Save Public Postal Service:

In the face of aggressive attacks on the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), a wide range of national organizations is standing up and fighting for one of the more widely used and important public goods in the United States. The Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service unites 60 groups in opposition to weakening the USPS for the sake of private investment and profit. Actor and activist Danny Glover supports the alliance and explains why, in a new video sponsored by the organization.

Black History / Labor Profiles: 

Ella Josephine Baker

Ella Baker 1Ella Josephine Baker, a granddaughter of slaves, was born in Norfolk, VA., in 1903 and went on to engage in a lifetime of social activism. Her career included a stint at the Young Negroes Cooperative League, working at the NAACP as well as working with several women's organizations. In 1957, Baker moved to Atlanta to help organize the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), a new organization created by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. She went on to help organize with a group of college students and activists in Greensboro, N.C. who sparked a series of peaceful protests at a F.W. Woolworth store lunch counter that would gain national attention and also spark resistance across the South. Baker helped the students create the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), which played a major role in the 1960's civil rights movement. 
Black History Month labor profiles will continue throughout the month. Don't forget that you can win one of 100 Black History Month posters by texting the code “BLACK” (for Black History Month) to 235246. 

Quiz: Southern Black Labor Song - "Organize, Organize!!"?

This Month's Contest Quiz: Who wrote the early 1990's southern workers' anthem song, "Organize! Organze! "? The music & song was created  while  they were traveling in two vans full of N.C. activist workers who were organizing their social movement / premajority unions in their private&public sector workplaces. In the early 1990's , they were cultural/union workers who were part of the " ORGANIZE THE SOUTH !....SOUTHERN WORKERS SOLIDARITY TOUR " that traveled through out the Mid-West / North East/ Western U.S. Regions speaking out , sharing their "rank & file grassroots" southern organizing efforts to build unions with our organized labor resources. They called upon all national AFL-CIO as well as Independent National Unions to iniatiate more and broader union organizing efforts in N.C. and the South! You could be this month's winner of a labor-themed prize!
CALL US 919-876-7187 or E-mail US with the answer!
Previous Quiz: Cesar Chavez organized a 1965 nationwide boycott of grapes. Many of you have referenced the lettuce boycott as well, but for this quiz, as specified in the question, we were just looking for the fruit. Congrats to Diana Vasquez ! last quiz winner!


"International Working Womens Month " (aka  International Working  DAY on Marcch 8th) is celebrated around the world , as a time to raise up and celebrate the importance of the many struggles and movements lead by working class women fighting against patriarchy, sexism, male chauvinism and all forms of women oppression and exploitation. We hold political rallies, forums, educational activities as well as study and celebrate the lives/share lessons  of our women leaders and revolutionary examples like Human & Civil Rights/ Black Liberators/Freedom Fighters like  Ella Baker , Fannie Lou Hamer, Assata Shakur,etc. We must celebrate the lessons and contributions  as well  of our local community working class leaders like BWFJ's leading women activists Irene Goodson, Ida Boddie, Nevelene Harvey and community leader Una Mulzac, owner of the Liberation Bookstore in Harlem, NYC.
Let's take out time this March 2015 to start or continue to discuss, learn about and support with our engagement this time of reflection and action .
Read about  a sister who empoered many others in the " Una Mulzac, Activist & Bookseller With Passion for Black Politics, Dies at 88"

N.Y. / REGION   | February 05, 2012  Una Mulzac, Bookseller With Passion for Black Politics, Dies at 88  By DOUGLAS MARTIN Known for a bold and cantankerous personality, Ms. Mulzac built Liberation Bookstore over four decades into a Harlem landmark. 


Labor Takes Final Stand as Wisconsin Prepares Way for Anti-Union Law 

Ned Resnikoff February 24, 2015 Aljazeera American
“[Right-to-work] is going to bring everybody down,” said Russ Krings, the directing business representative for the Milwaukee union International Association of Machinists District 10, during a press conference with other labor leaders on Monday. “It’s going to affect not only the union families and nonunion families. It’s going to affect all the businesses that we go and spend our money at. This is going to bring the economy down."
Gov. Scott Walker stands ready to deal the Wisconsin labor movement its greatest blow yet. Within the next few days, Walker, a Republican and a likely 2016 presidential candidate, is expected to sign right-to-work legislation that would ban union shops in the state.
Wisconsin would be the 25th state to institute right-to-work legislation, which bars unions from charging service fees to nonunion members of the workplaces they represent. Organized labor fears that right-to-work laws create a free-rider problem: In the short term, employees in a unionized workplace can reap the benefits of collective bargaining without joining the union or providing any compensation for its troubles. The longer-term consequence tends to be a statewide decline in union membership and power, according to reports such as a February 2011 study by University of Nevada and Claremont McKenna economists.
The Wisconsin Senate’s labor committee will conduct a Tuesday morning hearing on right-to-work legislation, followed by a floor debate over the proposal on Wednesday. The Wisconsin branch of the labor federation AFL-CIO will hold rallies outside the state Capitol on both days.
“[Right-to-work] is going to bring everybody down,” said Russ Krings, the directing business representative for the Milwaukee union International Association of Machinists District 10, during a press conference with other labor leaders on Monday. “It’s going to affect not only the union families and nonunion families. It’s going to affect all the businesses that we go and spend our money at. This is going to bring the economy down.”
If right-to-work becomes law, it will mark a nadir for Wisconsin's labor movement. Once a union fortress, the Badger State turned into hostile territory over the course of Walker’s first term in office.
Within weeks of his 2011 inauguration, Walker proposed and won passage of Act 10, legislation stripping unionized public employees of most collective bargaining rights. An incensed labor movement attempted to remove Walker in a 2012 recall election; Walker handily beat his Democratic opponent in that race, becoming the only governor in U.S. history to successfully weather a recall. Two years later, in 2014, he sailed to a second term on a nationwide Republican wave. He was accompanied by a newly enlarged Republican majority in the state legislature.
Walker has bested organized labor in every direct confrontation. It appears that this time will be no different. Wisconsin AFL-CIO President Phil Neufeldt said at Monday’s press conference that unions would try over the next few days to “educate the public and change the minds of elected officials.”
"I think we have an obligation to provide an opportunity to participate," he later told Al Jazeera.
Paul Secunda, a labor law professor at Marquette University in Wisconsin, suggested a more proactive approach: a general strike.
“I think they should shut it down,” he told the Huffington Post’s David Jamieson last week. “Public sector workers in solidarity with private sector workers should walk out next week. I think if the union movement has any strength left, it’s in the power of withholding labor.”
Labor activists in Wisconsin have flirted with the notion of a general strike before. During the battle over Act 10, Wisconsin’s South Central Federation of Labor floated the idea but never put it into action. As of publication time, the federation did not respond to a request for comment regarding whether it would support the tactic now.
“We’re not in a position to support something like that,” said Neufeldt. “That would be up to affiliates, locals and the working people of Wisconsin.”
If anything, the labor movement’s struggle against right-to-work may be more muted than the campaign against Act 10. Comparing protests against the two laws, Mike Browne, the deputy director of the progressive group One Wisconsin Now, said, “You’re not going to see 100,000 people at the Capitol tomorrow.”
“The effort at this point is to educate the public as much as folks can about why right-to-work is wrong for Wisconsin,” he said. “The strategy on the Republican side is to rush it through before people figure it out, and other folks are interested in informing the public and having a full discussion about it.”
Legislators who vote for right-to-work, he added, “are going to have to stand for election at some point.”
Wisconsin isn’t the only state looking to take up right-to-work legislation during the next two years. Kentucky has already considered the issue, and Illinois, another traditional union stronghold, is weighing a plan to create local right-to-work zones around the state. In December 2012, Michigan, the ancestral homeland of the United Auto Workers union, passed its own package of right-to-work bills.
Walker, perhaps fearing 2011-style mass protests, told the press as recently as last month that he was not interested in trying to pass right-to-work legislation. But Republicans in the legislature moved forward with a proposal regardless, and he changed his tune last week.
“I've never said that I didn’t think it was a good idea,” he told The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Friday. “I’ve just questioned the timing in the past and whether it was right at that time.”
Browne said Walker, whose office did not return a request for comment, is courting Republican donors for a 2016 presidential bid.
“He will do or say anything to win an election. 2014 is in his rearview mirror. He’s looking at the presidency, and he’s making a different calculation now,” said Browne. “And that’s to appeal to right-wing millionaires and billionaires versus serving the people of Wisconsin.”


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Home Care Workers Are Joining The Fight for $15!

Home care workers across North Carolina are organizing for living wages and respect! Join them at their town hall forum this Thursday, March 5th. 

What: Home Care Worker Town Hall Forum

Where: Martin Street Baptist Church, 1001 E Martin St, Raleigh

When: Thursday, March 5, 6-7:30pm

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2015 Calendar Events

March 2015        8th, Sunday; World Cultural Cinema; Celebrating International Working Women’s Month; Watch 2 thought provoking films & participate in our lively discussion/critique/analysis; 3pm – 7pm; $5 suggested donation. Trivia Contest & Refreshments.        14th, Saturday; HH4J planning meeting– 11:00am        28th, Saturday; HH4J Event 6:00pm – 10:00pm featuring music, spoken word, video shorts, discussion, food, trivia prizes & fun; $5 suggested donation.        29th, Sunday; BWFJ Wake/Durham Chapter Meeting – 3:00pm

April 2015        4th, Saturday; 10:30am- 12:30pm; Get Moving & Celebrate National Minority Health Month; Zumba & Hip Hop Abs class. Health info & healthy snacks available.        11th, Saturday; Black Workers for Justice 32nd  Birthday Celebration & its’ Annual M.L. King, Jr. Support for Labor Banquet; NCAE Bldg. 700 S. Salisbury St.,;Raleigh, NC; 5pm sharp; tickets $35; contact FOLWCC for more & updated information.        19th, Sunday; World Cultural Cinema; Celebrating Earth Day; Watch a thought provoking films & participate in our lively discussion/critique/analysis; 3pm – 6pm; $5 suggested donation. Trivia Contest & Refreshments.        25th, Saturday; Hip Hop 4 Justice (HH4J) planning meeting & Trumpet of Conscience book discussion.  (The Trumpet of Conscience features five lectures that Martin Luther King, Jr., delivered in November and December 1967.)        26th, Sunday; BWFJ Wake/Durham Chapter Meeting – 3:00pm

May 2015        1st, Friday; International Workers Day Celebration, Fish Bowl dialogue: The State of Workers Today – Are we “Keeping it in the Road” or have we Stalled, Wrecked or Need an Alignment? Potluck dinner. 6:00pm – 7:30pm.        9th, Saturday; 9:30am – 10:45; Celebrate Women’s Health Month; exercise class (Brazilian Dance); health info. & healthy snacks!        9th, Saturday; Hip Hop 4 Justice (HH4J) M.L.K. planning meeting– 11:00am        10th, Sunday; Annual Dinner at the FOLWCC Celebrating Women & Mothers as Peace Keepers; 3:00pm – 5:30pm; $15; Come out with your family as we recognize & celebrate the strong women building & making a difference our families and communities.        23rd, Saturday; HH4J Event 6:00pm – 10:00pm featuring music, spoken word, video shorts, discussion, food, trivia prizes & fun; $5 suggested donation.        24th, Sunday; BWFJ Wake/Durham Chapter Meeting – 3:00pm

June 2015        6th, Saturday; Hip Hop 4 Justice (HH4J) M.L.K. planning meeting– 11:00am        6th, Saturday: 9:30am – 10:45; Celebrate Men’s Health Month; Get moving with a T-25 & Boot Camp workout! Health info & healthy snacks!        14th, Sunday; Annual Juneteenth Celebration & 7th Annual Spoons of Justice Cook-Off; 3:30pm – 6:00pm; Calling all “Sisters who can Stir” & “Brothers who can Burn” to see who can claim this year’s coveted Cook-Off Champion Trophy! Enter your best dish and the people will judge who wins! If it is advisable that you not share your culinary skills with the general public; come out, taste dishes that are entered, be a judge & help pick this year’s winner! It’ll only cost you $10. 4-4-$30.  E-mail us at the address above for a registration form & more information.        26th -28th, Friday-Sunday; Great Labor Arts Exchange; Silver Springs, MD; Fruit of Labor Singing Ensemble performs and receives the Joe Hill Artist’s Award

Women's Human Rights Hearing in Texas!

Register today for Nuestra Voz, Nuestra Salud, Nuestro Texas : A Women’s Human Rights Hearing in the Texas Rio Grande Valley on March 9th.