May 2015 Newsletter

May 2015 Fruit of Labor World Cultural Center Newsletter The 90th Anniversary of the Life of Malcolm X / FOLWCC Tribute 3pm Sunday May 17th,2015 at 4200 Lake Ridge Drive Raleigh, NC 27604 919-876-7187 e-mail

Malcolm X


"Malcolm X aka El Hajj Malik El Shabazz born May 19,1925 into the Black Working Class ...He was a product of the African -American social/ economic /cultural experience of white supremacy, racist Black national oppression and capitalist exploitation......He was nutured with Black pride and intellect by his self -educated parents and many of the political/cultural/social influences of the 1950's & 60's......He grew into one of our peoples paramount visionaries and Human Rights leaders.......the U.S. Gov't 's FBI conspired and used divisions within Black organizations to neutralize and murder our beloved African-American Freedom Fighter"!

We must learn the lessons .....apply concrete theory......test theory in ''transformative power" and empowering peoples organizations /institutions so that our people can "collectively" alter the present power relations that keep us oppressed and our foes empowered! We must study ! Let's seek clarity about the historical and political meaning of Brother/Comrade Malcolm's life, and its importance for today's expression of national Black resistance to US imperialist state's repression represented in part by the state sanctioned police killings of mainly working-class and poor Black and Brown people.

Placing Malcolm's continuously evolving political perspective within the context of the world revolution of the 1950's & 60's involving nations and peoples struggling against oppression by white supremacist, colonial, imperialist and capitalist countries, their colonial states and ruling classes, points to the internationalism that was shaping the trend of "revolutionary nationalism" and an understanding of " U.S. domestic colonialism" promoted by Malcolm. Malcolm said "....if you don't understand what's happening ( to Black African People ) in the Congo,....then you don't understand what's happening ( to Black African-Americans) in Mississippi and the racist Jim Crow South..."

This internationalism enabled Malcolm to grow beyond a narrow cultural nationalism that only saw white supremacy as the sole problem, instead of being an essential structural pillar and component for the development and growth of a global economic and social system that has now reached a stage where its contradictions and crises have become a threat to the majority of the peoples of the world and the planet.

The enslavement and historical oppression of Black African-Americans....our people inside of the US..... has been fundamental to the development of the US imperialist state, which is the leading force shaping the current direction, policies and global infrastructure of empire and endless war. We must see that this has become the dominant expression of imperialism/global capitalism.

While Malcolm called for a national Black united front, he was also trying to unite and develop the revolutionary nationalist trend as a left pole within as well as independent of the civil rights movement. This led to the development of "Black Power" as a first popular phase during the 1960s to give expression to a struggle for our peoples struggle for "self-determination". Within the context of this demand for Black Power, we began to see more clearly class contradictions emerge and why the struggle for African American self-determination needed a political action program that begins to define the economic, social and political character of the national liberation that our Black people are struggling for.

The call by the Black Left Unity Network (BLUN) for a national discussion and refinement of a Draft Manifesto for Black Liberation, and the holding of a National Assembly of the Black Liberation Movement, is a call to unite our Black progressives and our Black left around a "strategic program of action" and process for rebuilding the national Black liberation movement inside of the US imperialist state around an anti-capitalist/imperialist/patriarchy/anti white supremacist program of action with links to the struggles in Africa, the African Diaspora, and other oppressed nations, peoples and classes throughout the world.

What are your thoughts for holding such an Assembly of our people in the future that would adopt a Manifesto For Black Liberation ? We certainly need a strategic vision and action plan ! Are you interested in doing a study of Malcolm's insights and the draft BLUN proposed Manesfesto ? this Saturday May 9 4th

Our people must continue to persist with developing both '' unity of thinking and unity of action" as we build organization 's with "People's Power with Compassion" that seeks justice.....justice through insightful study and practical work to fundamentally change the present power relationships between the super rich oppressors and us....We must develope transformative power to uplift our people and end racist and class oppression.

Come out to the 3pm Sunday May17th Malcolm X Tribute at the Fruit of Labor World Cultural Center

4200 Lake Ridge Dr. in Raleigh.

Stop the War on Black America ! Join the fight to end the assault on workers,labor unions and their organizations!

Brother Angaza Sababu Laughinghouse You can visit the BWFJ website to see all of the great organizing and work over 34 years that this powerful and consistent organization has engaged in our broader community.

I hope to see you in at the center in Raleigh at 3pm Sunday May 17th, 2015 !

Keep the Faith ! Stay the course for social justice and peoples power ! We need you !

Peace with Justice,

Brother Angaza Sababu Laughinghouse Building Black Transformative Power in our communities !

Building Grassroots Power to Stop " Police Misconduct/Repression" Requires continuing our "organizing" local community "People's Assemblies" that hold speakouts and convene community strategic action planning sessions! 2015 Calender of Events May 2015  1st, Friday; International Workers Day Celebration, Fish Bowl dialogue: The State of Workers Today – Are we “Keeping it in the Road” or have we Stalled, Wrecked or Need an Alignment? Potluck dinner. 6:00pm – 7:30pm.  9th, Saturday; 9:30am – 10:45; Celebrate Women’s Health Month; exercise class (Brazilian Dance); health info. & healthy snacks!  9th, Saturday; Hip Hop 4 Justice (HH4J) M.L.K. planning meeting– 11:00am  10th, Sunday; Annual Dinner at the FOLWCC Celebrating Women & Mothers as Peace Keepers; 3:00pm – 5:30pm; $15; Come out with your family as we recognize & celebrate the strong women building & making a difference our families and communities.

17th 3pm sharp "Malcolm X Tribute" 90th Birthday! / Lessons learned from our International Human Rights Leader Malcolm...Films, poetry, cultural, books, food, fellowship and community discussion.  23rd, Saturday; HH4J Event 6:00pm – 10:00pm featuring music, spoken word, video shorts, discussion, food, trivia prizes & fun; $5 suggested donation.  24th, Sunday; BWFJ Wake/Durham Chapter Meeting – 3:00pm

June 2015  6th, Saturday; Hip Hop 4 Justice (HH4J) M.L.K. planning meeting– 11:00am  6th, Saturday: 9:30am – 10:45; Celebrate Men’s Health Month; Get moving with a T-25 & Boot Camp workout! Health info & healthy snacks!  14th, Sunday; Annual Juneteenth Celebration & 7th Annual Spoons of Justice Cook-Off; 3:30pm – 6:00pm; Calling all “Sisters who can Stir” & “Brothers who can Burn” to see who can claim this year’s coveted Cook-Off Champion Trophy! Enter your best dish and the people will judge who wins! If it is advisable that you not share your culinary skills with the general public; come out, taste dishes that are entered, be a judge & help pick this year’s winner! It’ll only cost you $10. 4-4-$30. E-mail us at the address above for a registration form & more information.  26th -28th, Friday-Sunday; Great Labor Arts Exchange; Silver Springs, MD; Fruit of Labor Singing Ensemble performs and receives the Joe Hill Artist’s Award.